Short Term Office Space By The Hour

Short Term Office Leasing For Your Business

As an entrepreneur, the office space DC by the hour can be a sold at a premium that many choose to do without due to high costs and long term rental agreements needing to be signed. At the start up stage especially, these issues can be seen as major roadblocks as the security of the business is not yet there and they cannot, therefore, guarantee that they will require the use of rented office space for any great deal of time.

To try to help out entrepreneurial people and start-up businesses, the companies that provide rented office space have started to offer short term office leasing solutions in the hope that it will attract more innovative people to their office hubs and, as the businesses grow, the prospect of longer leases in the future.

Offices are extremely useful for a business as they can add a sense of professionalism to operations and will tend to impress prospective investors, collaborators or customers more than holding meetings in coffee shops or residential properties. They also help in other ways such as increasing your customer base as, if they see a central London office location, for example, they will be more confident of your company’s ability to fulfill its promises than if they see that you operate out of a residential property. Additionally, offices add a touch of formality to the working day, with studies showing that people who work in a traditional office environment tending to be more productive than those people who work from home. This is not just down to a lack of potential distraction, such as television or house work, but also the act of leaving the house to travel to a place of work actually puts the worker in the correct frame of mind to begin straight away.

Shared office spaces can be extremely productive for new businesses as they give the opportunity to the company to interact with a range of other companies who are in a similar stage of starting their business. Shared spaces offer a world of collaboration between businesses as they can assist each other with problems that may transcend business types and models, whilst they can also innovate with each other to come up with new projects or solutions. Finally, a shared office space can also give a new company the opportunity to tap into fellow startup companies and entrepreneurs for customer leads, or even to do work for the company themselves.

Dulles Airport


As you may already know, Washington DC is the capital of the United States and its population is quite high and quite densely populated. With such great number of people, a well-organized and properly structured transportation system is required to transport commuters within the city on a day to day basis. It also requires multiple forms of transportation such as Dulles Airport Transportation. Some of the best ways of getting around Washington DC include:

Metro rail
The commuter metro rail is the most used mode of transportation within the city. It offers services within the entire metro area and boasts of numerous stop over points aimed at conveniently offloading and picking of passengers. Scheduled operation time for the trains are from 5:30 am to 12:00 midnight on weekdays and from 7:30am to 3am on the weekends. Generally a commuter has to wait for an average of ten minutes should he miss a train.

The rail system is clean and well organized and despite most of the train stations being underground they are safe, more so the fares paid are rather reasonable making it a most preferred way of travel by most. Metro rail also has some of its stations located in close proximity to tourist’s points of interest, such as monuments and museums. However, the Metro is not as close or as efficient as the bus tours, for tourists who want to see the sights in Washington DC without any hassle.

Metro bus
Metro buses are also an alternative mode of getting around the city. The buses are roughly 500 in number and cover close to 340 routes while operating on a daily basis. The buses are scheduled to arrive and departure within given time frames. The buses are comfortable, clean and well maintained with route map and schedule posted. Despite the train being the most preferred way of transportation buses come in handy where one intends to visit places that are not covered by the metro rail system. Also bus tours in Washington DC are way better for use by tourists as compared to the train.

Taxis and private car hires
Taxis are commonly spotted all over the city as they are painted yellow. As much as they may seem quite expensive they are efficient and come in handy especially when one is behind time, when one has quite a bit of luggage to carry or just during bad weather. Taxis operate normally on a 24hr basis especially during the weekends but their number may dwindle past midnight. On the other hand private car hires are quite expensive but are designed to offer anonymity cars are hired out and charged on an hourly basis. You can find professional services such as limousines and executive sedans, or you can go with more informal private services such as Uber.

Attorney’s Offices

The Benefits of Attorney Office Space Short Term Leasing

For any attorney finding cheap office space Washington DC for rent is difficult for anyone who knows how to run their business well, but renting office space on a short term basis can sometimes be a good idea. Even though it always is advisable to stay at one location where your clients are used to finding you, there are situations that may not require that. For instance, if you are only going to offer your services in a certain area for a few months, there is no need to pay for the office for a long term contract. In such a situation, the best thing is to go for attorney office space that can be rented on a short term.

One thing that you should know is that depending on where you want to rent the space, there are several things that will determine what you get. If it is an area that you are familiar with, you might attempt looking for the office on your own. However, everyone knows the busy schedule that lawyers are always faced with. Instead of abandoning your important job to look for an office, you can simply assign the task to an agent and they will be more than willing to take it up.

Property agents are always aware of the latest offers when it comes to finding office space. In fact, you might be surprised when they tell you that the kinds that you are looking for are available. This will help you to find some space instantly and stat your work as opposed to when you would spend lots of hours or even days trying to find somewhere to work from. There are many agents that you can choose from depending on where you are. You also should give them all the details about the kind of office that you would like to have so that they may know how to find it.

The only thing that you need to be cautious about is how to get the right agent for attorney office space. There are agents who may not be able to do the work as per your specifications. Others may take too long before they find the space even when you want it urgently. It therefore is good to try and find out what they really can do before you go ahead to assign the task them. You also may want to compare the suitability of several agents and see who among them the best is.


The Availability And Convenience Of Private Transportation To Baltimore Washington Airport

The Baltimore Washington International Airport is commonly known as BWI and it serves the Baltimore Washington metropolitan area. This airport is located in Anne Arundel County near Glen Burnie, Maryland which is sixteen kilometers South of Baltimore and fifty one kilometers Northeast of Washington D.C. This airport is rated amongst the top fifty busiest airports in the world where more than twenty million passengers travel through it every year. Transportation from IAD to DCA is very easy as long as traffic is light. Passengers accessing this airport use various types of transport. One of the most prominent form of transport to this airport is travelling privately.

Private transportation to Baltimore Washington Airport is usually in form of private cars, rental cars and cab services. People who use private transportation usually come from various directions such as Eastern shore, Western Maryland, Kent Island, Cambridge, Ocean Pines, Easton, Ocean city and Cumberland amongst others. The fact that there are rental cars and cab services means that people who do not own private cars can also get a cab or rent a car to travel to the airport privately. All what people need to know is where and how to get the right car rental company and where to get cabs.

Most car rental companies in Baltimore which transport people to the airport have qualified and competent drivers .These drivers are conversant with this area including the entire airport and therefore they can take passengers to all sections of the airport. Furthermore, these companies that provide private transport to the airport also have cars of different sizes. This means that even passengers who would like to travel privately as a group or as a family can readily get a car of the right size. However, it is important to check whether the transport company is insured in case of an accident. Furthermore, it is paramount to check whether the cars owned by the company are mechanically sound by checking whether they have undergone inspection within the previous twelve months.

People who would like to get the right company to provide quality private transportation to Baltimore Washington Airport can search for the right company from various forums such as online and transport magazines. Getting a company that has the option of advance booking is more convenient since passengers do not have to search for transport in the last minute. After identifying several companies from these forums, it is advisable to compare them so as to choose the best. The comparison should be done by checking the amenities they provide and also ask for quotations to establish which one of them charges the fairest fee. One can also compare various policies of the various car rental companies such as cancellation and money back policies amongst others. Therefore, people travelling to the Baltimore Washington Airport can get convenient private transport through looking in the appropriate places and choosing the right car rental company.

Solar Energy

Financing with Municipal Bonds

Since the economic collapse of 2008 it’s been harder than ever to get any sort of financing for building projects or non-recourse construction financing for those projects. Even public works projects like airports, new schools, water treatment facilities, and solar power plants are having trouble getting access to financing to get them completed. Banks aren’t lending like they used to and it’s more difficult than ever to get access to a line of credit. It’s for this reason that a lot of cities are using municipal financing, through the issuing of municipal bonds, to fund these building projects.

Municipal bonds are a type of security that many savvy investors have been, and are continuing to add to their portfolios. They are fairly low risk, since it is essentially a form of government debt, and allow investors a chance to diversify their portfolio while contributing to their local and state governments. These bonds can be traded on many different exchanges and, while the market experienced some volatility in 2008, provide their investors with save vehicles for their money. In the unfortunate case of a municipality declaring bankruptcy the municipal bonds would be one of the first things paid back since it is a form of debt.

Municipal financing has long been used to fund building projects like road construction, public housing, seaports, and more. It’s not until recently, due to the fairly recent emergence of the technology, that there has been increased use of municipal financing for solar power plants. With the cost of rising energy and global fears over oil shortages solar power has become the form of energy for the future and many local and state governments have started building their own power plants. A more recent focus on environmental concerns and global warming has driven home the need for alternate clean energy sources and solar power plants help to fill that need.

These solar power plants provide clean energy at reasonable rates as well as hundreds of new jobs every year. This makes their construction a winning situation for all involved. Investors get to make money and know that they’ve contributed towards improving the public welfare while governments get to provide better paying jobs and more opportunities for their citizens in a time when such opportunities are few and far between.

Through the selling of municipal bonds many governments have been able to raise the funds to complete projects that had been previously stalled or altogether cancelled due to lack of funds and financing. Now those projects are idle no more and are instead contributing to local economies all over the world.

Glow-in-the-dark Laces

Glow bright, glow funky!

Looking for a way to add a dose of originality to your outfit? Glow in the dark shoe laces are the perfect option. Everybody will notice you, on the street, at a party, in a restaurant, everywhere. During the day, glow in the dark shoelaces enhance one’s style thanks to the bright colors, while in the night, they separate the bearer from the mass by adding a funky glow.

Even runners use them. Maybe glow in the dark shoelaces will not make the bearer run faster; they will sure make him/her look awesome while he is on the track.

Glow laces are very easy to activate. There are several ways to charge them, the basic one including wearing them during the day (they charge from sunlight). One can also charge them by lamp, UV light or blacklight. Just 20 minutes on sunlight provides laces with enough energy to glow for eight hours. As with any glow product, they have no batteries, instead, the longer you expose to natural sunlight or any other artificial light, the brighter they will glow. They don’t glow in environments with ambient light.

The default length for glow in the dark shoelaces is 99cm and 5mm width. These laces are suitable for most shoes and trainers. For users with tall boots, one trick is to tie two laces together in order to get a longer length. Shoe laces come in different colors including white, black, green, blue, orange, pink, and others. Green laces are the ones that glow brighter. Pink can turn into yellow light during the night, while white laces glow in green. Round laces usually come untied easier than flat.

Glow in the dark shoelaces can also be used to show the love for astronomy. Some of these laces come with astronomy symbols on them, such as planets and stars. They will instantly catch the attention of everyone around you, as they glow brighter than a supernova.

Another usage of glow in the dark shoelaces is Halloween costumes. As there are many popular whole black costumes, some funky color can be added with shoelaces.

People with roller skates love them. However, with roller skates it is worth noting that one pair of laces doesn’t cover the length, so you need to buy two or three, and tie them together in order to achieve desired length.

Glow in the dark shoelaces are every parent’s fun way to add some mystical entertainment for their children. Kids will enjoy the new light in the dark.

Executives Require a Special Touch

Finding the Best Executive Car Service in Washington DC

Finding executive airport car service Washington DC locations can be challenging, especially of you are new to the area. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find a number of highly ranked car service companies. Not only do they have good customer feedback, but are also reasonably priced. Some of them will offer cabs for a lower fee while others will offer full servicing with executive cars such as sedans, limos etc. Servicing cost will vary depending on the type of car. Here are some of the highest ranked executive car service companies in DC.

Cul-de-sac Chauffeur Service

The thing that makes this company stand out is the fact that you will get world class service and respectful treatment from the drivers. It is therefore easy to see why they make the top of the Yelp list for best executive car service in DC. 90% of reviews have nothing but good things to say about the responsiveness, rates as well as service. You can count on this company for any chauffeur services, be it a prom for your daughter or son, picking up a loved one form the airport, driving to the airport etc. Booking is easy and the best thing is that they make provisions for last minute bookings. The car ranges are varied which means you can get any type of car you need for both short and long trips.

Affordable Sedan Service

Just as the name suggests, this company deals exclusively with sedans, but also has provisions for limos and cabs. They are the highest ranked car service company mainly because of their excellent customer service and timely responsiveness. Located in Washington DC and serving the entire Washington DC area and its environs.


The second customer favorite car service company is the Uber Company, also serving people within and around Washington DC but mainly those around the Burleith neighborhood in Washington. Limo servicing is costly but you can be sure that both you and your car will get competent, world class service. You also have the option to pre-register which means that you can be assured of service at the time you need it most rather than having to run up and down looking for a cab or car to take you to where you need to go.

No more need to complain about cabs. Choose either one of these companies for all your servicing needs and enjoy hassle free and great customer care at great prices.

Lincoln Town Car DC

Expedition DC: Making your way back from Washington

You’ve seen the Marines Sunset Parade already. You’ve done enough secret conferring with the Lincoln Memorial. It’s time to head home after a fantastic time in Washington DC and use the best town car service Northern Va has to offer. Let’s be honest, the only thing on your mind is a pre-flight snack and a bit of WiFi. You just want to get the airport gate as in the most relaxed state possible. BWI is easily accessed by shuttle service, taxi, bus or train. The airport itself is located SE of Interstate 195. The BWI Rail Station is located 1 mile from the airport terminals. Regardless of where you’re staying in Washington DC, traveling to the airport should be easy and comfortable.

Your most convenient option to travel privately is by taxi. Here are some local taxi dispatch phone numbers: Yellow Cab on (202) 544 1212, Diamond Cab on (202) 387 6200 and Capitol Cab on (202) 636 1600. Taxi fare begins at $3.25 plus $2.16 per each additional mile, with a $1 extra charge for every passenger. There are numerous private cab companies too, so if you decide to go that route, it’s always good to phone additional cab companies to ensure you’re getting the best available price. Taxis can fetch and carry from anywhere and as of Aug 31 2013, ALL official Washington DC taxis started accepting non-cash payments like credit/debit cards.

If you’ve dreamed of rolling up to the airport ala Jay-Z and friends, and money is no object, consider an SUV shuttle, where you can choose from a range of popular SUVs (in the color black of course). Now you can catch a ride in a stunning Lincoln MKT Town car or a Chevrolet Suburban with These SUVs feature increased space, USB connectivity, WiFi hotspots and AC power outlets so you can keep that all important Skype conference going. Book a luxurious SUV on (410) 929 7978 and the only thing left to worry about is what time you can pop your bottles and chill. Premier Private Car will try fulfill those special requests too.

If travelling with a number of colleagues or in a large family group your best (and most fun) option is the Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo from This custom stretch limo can take bigger parties numbering anything from between 7 and 10. The stretch limo features luxurious comfort, a sound system and an experienced driver who will whisk you away to the airport quickly and in style. This is a premium option and costs between $75 and $90 an hour depending on numbers. Call Limos4Less at (410) 235 2265.

A Strong Business with Office Space

What you need to know about short term office leasing

Getting the right On-Demand office space in DC to run your business is one of the major steps towards efficiency. A good office space adds value to your business since it enhances your business front. However, with the economic downturn, the cost of running businesses has taken an upward trend. It is now more expensive to run a business in an uptown center. Most businesses are looking for ways to cut down their running costs so that they can increase their profits. One of the common ways of cutting running costs has been the use of short-term office space. Savings generated with short term office leasing promote business growth. In one way, you can enhance the quality of your service. At the same time, these savings enable you to invest in other worthwhile business ventures.

In order to have the right lease on a short-term office space, you need to get the right searching tools and locations. Many websites offer information on the available short-term office space. Settling for an office should be informed by several factors. First, you should establish the location of the office. If the location of your office does not meet your expectation, it is advised that you keep on searching. Secondly, find out the term on the short-term office lease. This will protect you from any underlying issues that may not be clear. Taking your time to understand the terms in the lease saves your time in the future. Thirdly, establish what extra services come with the lease. There are offices where you can have access to furniture and other amenities within a building while others limit these offers.

Why should consider short-term office leasing as compared to long term options? Essentially having a short-term office space lease is flexible to operate. Your business is not confined or tied up in properties for long periods. This gives flexibility to make location changes if need arises. For example, if you notice that your business is not realizing the financial objectives, you can relocate with much ease since you do not have many legal hurdles.

Short-term offices offer startup companies and businesses an opportunity to evaluate their operation capacity. The businesses can cut on running costs thus maximize in focusing on growth and expansion. In addition, short term office leasing does not demand responsibility over properties. For example, you do not need to delve into maintenance issues that come with long-term leases. Thus, you can concentrate on your business.

Nightclubs are Fun

Reserve for a private event at Vegas style nightclubs in Washington, DC

When it is time for a company get together, it would always be a good idea to reserve for a private function at Vegas style nightclubs in Washington DC or host corporate events Washington DC. Everyone knows Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world so there is no doubt that you and your workmates would be entertained until the sun rises. They would not notice how fast time flies as they would enjoy themselves and forget about their work. The best part about these nightclubs is the liquors are really tasty. You can be sure the owners of the club do know what they are doing. When you look at their background, you will realize they are going to succeed in their career and it starts with the nightclub. Everyone goes to the nightclub to have a good time and these clubs have some nice alcoholic drinks with absurd names. You may have to book the club several weeks in advance so they will be sure that the club is not fully booked yet. The first class clubs at Washington, DC are always booked because of the number of people who go there after office hours and especially during the weekend.

It is not a good idea to drop by Vegas style nightclubs in Washington DC without making sure that you already have a table there. There are so many people that you will be gasping for air in no time if you don’t have a table. These clubs have a classy ambiance that are designed to house perfect occasions. It won’t take long to reserve for a private function anyway and you can even do it online through the website of the nightclub you chose. The event could be anything from a company get together in a pleasant environment, to a reunion with old classmates. It is going to be one event you won’t forget for a long time. There is no doubt you will enjoy the food as well as many of these clubs employ some of the finest chefs in the city. They will make sure that you enjoy your meal while you are there. You are not going to forget this night as you party the night away with your friends. Remember to toast your drinks to a night you will all enjoy. The staff is all friendly and you can ask them for anything and they will give it to you in a flash.

Municipal Growth

Why & What Types Of Municipal Bonds Should You Invest In?

If you want to generate a tax-free income from an investment and preserve your capital, then you should consider investing in municipal bonds or Municipal Financing. The income that you earn from these bonds will be exempt from federal tax, as long you are investing in one issued by the state you are a resident of. In which case, both local and state taxes also may be exempted.

There are two different types of these bonds that are available today:
General Obligation (GO) bonds: The issuing government backs these unsecured bonds with their credit and full faith. If you invest in these bonds, the money will go finance public work projects like roads, schools, etc. that do not produce any revenue. So, the interest and principal you will eventually receive will come from fees or taxes. Although the yields offered by these municipality bonds tend to be lower, they also happen to be the safest.

Revenue bonds: If you invest in these bonds, you money will go to fund projects like a toll road that will eventually generate revenue. So, you will receive your interest and principal from that revenue. The yields offered by these bonds tend to be higher, but they also tend to be riskier too.

The tax benefits associated with these bonds definitely make them an attractive investment choice. However, you will also appreciate the fact that if you in invest in such a bond; you will also contribute to supporting projects and purists that will most likely prove beneficial for your local community.

The Appeal of Municipals
Apart from community-development benefits and tax advantages associated with these bonds, you will also be offered a high degree of safety and a reliable income source relative to various other types of fixed income assets.

Reliable Income & Relative Safety
By investing in municipal bonds, you will receive regular interest, often semiannually. As long as you hold the bond until it matures, the income that is promised to you will be guaranteed. Upon the maturity of the bond, you will receive your principal amount. In general, you can consider municipal bonds much safer than corporate bonds because unlike corporate companies, government entities are less likely to default and fail on their obligations.

If you compare them to similar long-term securities, such as CDs and Treasury bills, no doubt municipal bonds do not yield interest rates as high as they do. However, the tax advantages weigh down this minor disadvantage, making them an investment choice worth considering.